UTV Rollover Leaves Man Injured in South Sister Bay, Door County

Door County Man injured in UTV rollover
Door County Man injured in UTV rollover

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the man injured in a single-UTV accident in the Town of Liberty Grove early Sunday evening.

As reported by WBDK/DoorCountyDailyNews.com, the Door County Sheriff’s Department responded just after 5PM to a private residence on Orchard Drive, located south of the village of Sister Bay.

Sheriff’s Department Chief, Pat McCarty, explained that the two men driving in the UTV took a corner too quickly before subsequently rolling over. Bracing for impact, the passenger stuck his leg out as the UTV rolled over and was pinned underneath the vehicle.

Chief McCarty says it is a reminder that UTV’s handle differently than automobiles.

McCarty says the passenger was taken to Door County Medical Center for treatment while the driver was uninjured.

Why ATV/UTV Routes On Paved Roads In Door County A Bad Idea

This is further evidence of the safety concerns which the Friends of North Duluth have brought before the City of Sturgeon Bay Parking & Traffic Committee however Gary Nault‘s myopic focus on a sport many among us love and cherish, fishing, led him to overlook and ignore the countless hazards which permitting ATV’s and UTV’s on paved roads present. We’re proud of our local Alderpeople who have supported us and what we stand for in protecting North Duluth Avenue and the final leg of the Ice Age National Trail.

Statistics from UTV fatalities and accidents from the Wisconsin DNR for year 2017:

Alcohol/drugs were involved in 14 of the twenty-seven fatal incidents. “Alcohol/drug Involved” means alcohol/drugs were detected in victim’s system or witness verified victim used alcohol/drugs prior to crash. (Blood test results were unknown or NA for three incidents.)

  • Alcohol/drugs were involved in 52% (14 of the 27) fatal incidents. “Alcohol/drug Involved” means alcohol/drugs were detected in victim’s system or witness verified victim used alcohol/drugs prior to crash. (Blood test results were unknown or NA for three incidents.)
  • 65% of fatal incidents occurred on roads. The miles of road routes have been increasing based on local municipal ordinances which are often driven by public request or inputs. ATVs/UTVs are designed for off-road use equipped with soft low pressure tires and high center of gravity causing them to be unstable on roadways.
  • ATV/UTV accidents have a tendency to occur between 6:00 PM and 8:00PM, which is when visibility is low, drivers are more likely to be fatigued, and the most vehicles are present on the road.
As the graph indicates most fatal ATV/UTV crashes occurred between the hours of 6-8PM.
RankTop 15 ATV / UTV Violations in Wisconsin in 2017Citations
1 Illegal operation of ATV/UTV’s on or in the vicinity of highways.230
2Operate all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle without valid registration.184
3Operate/ride ATV/UTV without headgear.177
4Operate ATV or UTV without a valid safety certificate or fail to carry certificate on ATV and display upon request.155
5Operate ATV or UTV in a careless manner.108
66 Operate ATV or UTV on public or private property of another without consent. 9797
7Operate ATV / UTV while intoxicated.76
8Operate ATV or UTV with alcohol concentration at or above 0.08%.54
9Permit operation by a person under age, physically or mentally disabled or under influence or drug.52
10Fail to attach or maintain ATV or UTV registration plate to rear of vehicle in a legible condition.45
11ATV or UTV equipment violations.34
12UTV safety belt violation.31
13Give permission to operate ATV or UTV without valid registration.29
14Operate at a speed that is unreasonable or improper.27
15Operate, sell, rent or manufacture an ATV or UTV exceeding the 96-decibel noise limit.24
State Conservation Wardens and county deputies provide on-the-trail enforcement
of ATV/UTV laws. The total number of citations for 2017 was 1,499. Source: dnr.wi.gov

To learn more about ATV/UTV crash statistics and safety, visit the Wisconsin DNR’s Recreational Vehicle Portal.


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